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Luna Healing Studio is a quiet, therapeutic sanctuary to go for relaxation and wellness, away from your hectic day. At Luna you will be provided with the finest care delivered with compassion, respect and integrity. A strong emphasis is placed on client education to help you achieve your skins ultimate health. You will experience a combination of result oriented clinical skin care with an abundance of therapeutic and relaxing massage. By the end of your treatment the days worries will be melted away and you will feel confident with your healthy skin.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and plays a vital role in detoxification as well as acting as your body’s first line of defense against infection and other harsh elements. Many factors play a part in the condition of your skin and it’s health. Common causes for most skin conditions dealing with the epidermis are: misuse of product, intrinsic and extrinsic environmental factors, touching, rubbing and picking and diet / lifestyle. The skin becomes dehydrated and can quickly age, be prone to infections and breakouts, become over reactive and sensitive, rosacea can occur, telangiectasia (small, red, broken capillaries) fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation as well as other more severe alignments. All skin types can suffer from these conditions.

Moisturized, healthy, intact skin is your body’s best defense against bacteria, viruses and aging because it is a naturally occlusive barrier that keeps moisture in and infectious agents out. To restore your skin to good health, you must actively replenish the natural, protective moisture barrier. Whatever your skin concerns may be, together we will address the issue, find results and create a preventative home care regimen for you!


Clare A. Nordhus

Skin Care Practitioner | Owner


Reviews from Happy Clients

I had a wonderful relaxing facial with Clare. I really love that she uses natural and very effective products. I felt very pampered and my skin looks and feels fresh and vibrant. I can’t wait for my next one!
-Jessica Radke
Hair stylist

I can remember suffering from extreme dry and itchy skin ever since I was a child.  It was so bad that I would wake up in the morning and I had scratched my legs and arms raw.  This would leave me feeling embarrased to wear short sleeve shirts or shorts.  Nothing seemed to provide anything other than short temporary relief.  
After a consultation with Clare, she was able to offer me suggestions that I could incoorporate into my everyday routine, as well as product suggestions for preventative care.  The best part about this process with Clare was that she listened to my concerns about my busy schedule.  Being a full time graduate student while working full time, I did not have hours a day to focus on my skin.  Clare’s suggestions were small changes I could make to my daily routine that would not require me to disrupt the balance I already had.  With some changes to the skin products I was using and some maintenance techniques, I am able to confidently wear my favorite summer clothes without the embarrasment and irritation of itchy, blotchy skin.  
Not only does Clare have an extensive knowledge of skin care, but she also listens to and cares about her clients.

-Loretta Bozeman,

I never thought of myself as a “facial” kind of girl.  I’m more of a rinse and run with an occasional acne after- thought once they appear and the scar is forever fading into the past.  Clare changed all of this for me and not only did she get my neglected skin back on track she also made sure to educate me on the importance of skin maintenance and the health benefits of simple at home therapies.  What impressed me the most about Clare’s service is that she made sure to get to know me as a person.  My daily schedule,maintenance routine, eating habits and stress habits were all taken into consideration while preparing a plan for me and my skin that would work within my busy lifestyle.   Clare’s natural healing abilities and her awareness to my concerns made for a soothing and holistic experience; my sessions with Clare were definitely all about me.  Julie O., Designer and Sales

Recently I had a facial performed by Clare, which was actually an encompassing experience, not just a skin treatment. First my skin type was assessed and a customized facial was created using two product lines: Tu’el and Circadia. I recieved the “nourish” package to hydrate my skin, which is so important while living in the high desert!  Clare also took the opportunity to talk to me about life style habits that I can change which will improve the quality of my skin. I’ve had facials before, but never did they include shiatsu massage of my entire head, neck, hands and arms! There was no “wait” time in between steps, only relax time. I was worried I would deal with the awful skin blemishes that often happened with past facials, but they never came. When I left her studio I felt like I was floating in a dream state; I was so relaxed! I highly recommend Clare and her esthetician skills!

-Marie, Nurse
Bend, Or

I’ve been going to Clare for sometime now for my bikini waxes, I love them! And, I’m stoked at the $60 brazilian verses paying $70+ for one!

- S.N.

I have had facials in the past and I wasn’t impressed, I left not feeling relaxed and my skin broke out the next day. The facial treatment I received from Clare was amazing, I was able to fully let go of the days worry and my skin felt awesome afterwards. It wasn’t oily and I didn’t break out. Clare has a lot of positive energy, and she is very passionate about what she does. I love the products that she used and her office is very cozy and welcoming. I would recommend going to Clare for any of your spa needs. I can’t wait for my next facial!

- Marty, Nurse
Bend, Or

I have spent most of my life in harsh outdoor conditions and my skin has paid the price.  Clare introduced me to simple techniques and a product line (Circadia) that have been extremely beneficial for my overly sensitive skin.  All my consultations with Clare have been informative and nurturing.  She takes the necessary time to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.  I would highly recommend Clare and Luna Healing Studio to anyone who has skin issues.

Luna Healing Studio is a bright, tranquil, and simply lovely studio in the heart of downtown Bend. Clare created a small sanctuary where one can go to relax, revive, and receive expert advice and service. 
My delightful facial was a much needed way to end a stressful week. Everything was perfect- the music, the products, and the level of professionalism. 
Clare does a wonderful job of explaining the science behind the product line she carries, and has a calming presence that sets a very serene atmosphere for the studio. She is very informative, and even taught me some homemade recipes for facial masks that are simple and refreshing. The Circadia skin care products that she sent me home with are wonderful as well. I have been enjoying the sunscreen/moisturizer- a necessity for living in central Oregon!
-Vanessa G, Yoga and Pilates Instructor
Bend, Or

I had never had a facial before seeing Clare, I had no idea what I was missing!  It was such a relaxing and nurturing experience, I don’t see how I could go on without facials in the future!  The products were of the highest quality and felt amazing on my skin.  The head and neck massage was a wonderful touch.  Every stage of the process was thoroughly enjoyable, and well explained by Clare.  The space is beautiful, with natural light, and healing energy abound.  My experience was absolutely wonderful, and my skin has never looked better; smooth and clear, with less visible pores and wrinkles.  I would recommend Luna Healing Studio to anyone!
- Jessica Israel
Waitress. Bend, Or

I have seen Clare several times now for my brazilians. I have to tell you what a relief it is not to have to shave every day. As you know you have to be completely exposed during this, Clare was so professional, she made me feel completely at ease. We chatted our way through the process and before I new it, it was over! I will always get waxed now… no more shaving!
-M. Dobyns

I initially sought out Clare’s services to get advise on sun damage and the age related changes on my face.  We set up a treatment plan to start the process of reversing these changes.  She was very knowledgeable about skin types and the correct products to use.  I had VERY dehydrated skin, which was being intensified by the skin care regimen I was using.  She recommended the correct skin care products which after using for just one week, I have noticed a tremendous difference in my face. To make the experience even better, she included massage of the face, neck and hands.  I leave Clare’s office feeling “dewy, glowing and refreshed”.

- Dr. Nordhus
Chiropractic Physician

please call or email to book an appointment: 541.678.4585 or clarenord@yahoo.